Topic outline

  • General

  • Data Sharing

    How to share data resources in LifeWatch by uploading, mapping, and providing metadata to a single dataset or connecting to distributed data repositories through the Toolkit.

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    Download and configuration

    Add Data Source

    Add Dataset

    • Data Validation

      How to handle the results of the Data Portal quality control procedures on the uploaded dataset.

      • Dataset Search

        How to conduct a basic search on data resources available in local or distributed repositories, and build your “My Datasets” resources.

        • Data Advanced Search

          How to integrate, using different filters, the data resources stored in “My Datasets”, or a previous advanced search outputs, into a new dataset which will be saved in “My Knowledge Bases”.


          • My Datasets

            How to find and manage all the datasets for which you have requested the authorisation, and those you uploaded yourself.


            • My Knowledge Bases

              How to find and manage all the outputs generated through the “Data Advanced Search”.


              • My Services

                How to publish a new service or edit those previously shared on the LifeWatch Catalogue of Services.